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Welcome to Designer Keyboard Wiki.

You can see our process, learn how to use and demo video here.

If you have no idea about QMK, please check QMK and here for basic concept.





I use keyboard quite a lot. I think I spend around 10 hours each day creating something and texting with friends. But the keyboard I use is not good enough. I always have wrist pain after whole day of work being a Designer. Therefore, I look around different keyboards and find out most of them are not stylist, not functional and too heavy. I want to design a beautiful, portable, productive and comfortable keyboard.

So this began the tale of Designer Keyboard.

Inspired by


  • 3dconnexion enterprise

  • Ergodox

  • Dactyl manuform


  • Wez split keyboard

  • Sekigon Gonnoc - QMK

  • Joric - QMK

Layout and Keymap

  • implementsblog

Work Style

  • 3dconnexion - Two-handed work style

Thanks so much!

Design Process

  1. 3d mouse with two-handed work style

  2. Numpad with two-handed work style

  3. Ergodox with two-handed work style

  4. Position of mouse and keyboard

  5. No traveling study

  6. Dactyl form study

  7. Column and position of columns study

  8. Row profile study

  9. Thumb keys study

  10. Overall form study

  11. Keyboard structure study 

  12. Wrist rest design

  13. Pro Stand design

  14. Circuit diagram and pcb design

  15. Hot swap and spacing test

  16. Connect parts between bottom and Pro Stand study

  17. Switeches study

  18. Bottom design

  19. Battery study

  20. Battery case and lid study

  21. Bluetooth chip study

  22. Case material study

  23. Foot material study

  24. Cost and supplier research

  25. 3D printer study

  26. Small batch production study

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