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Update 2020-12-11


QMK - One Shot Key

Feel painful from holding Mod or Layer Key?

Let’s try One Shot Key!

One Shot Mod (OSM)

Momentarily activates Mod Key until the next key is pressed, no need to hold Modify key.

eg: Tap OSM(CMD) and then tap C for CMD+C (without holding CMD key)

eg: Tap OSM(CMD) and wait 2 sec, and then tap V for CMD+V

eg: Tap OSM(CMD+SHI) and then tap S for CMD+SHI+S

One Shot Layer (OSL)

Momentarily activates layer until the next key is pressed, no need to hold Layer key.

eg: Tap OSL, and switch other layer for Function keys (F1 - F24).

eg: We can only use 20 keys (5 OSL x 15 Macros) for 75 Macros from 2 taps.

See more Demo


v1.1 - Fixed deep sleep mode

Batch 1 - Production & Assemble

Logic Board - Installed Bootloader, demo firmware and testing pin out with pcb.

Pcb - Updated v1.2, supported 5 leg switches.

Timeline and Delivery

Aug - Oct: Early Pre-order

Oct: Ordered materiels

Nov: UK lockdown, expected all materials arrived, but not

Dec: Only 37.5% materials arrived

Expected delivery date:

Batch 1: 25 Jan 2021

Batch 2: 22 Feb 2021

We ordered materials on Oct, but only 37.5% materials arrived.

We aim to make delivery on 25 Jan 2021 for Batch 1.

If the materials still delay, we may delay the expected delivery date.

Because Covid-19, thank you for understanding.

Thanks for your pre-order!


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