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Update 2021-01-25

Batch 1 is coming soon!

We aim to make delivery on this week.

Post Processing

We take the reference from here.

1 Hand sanding

2 Epoxy coating

3 After 2 hours, putty fill

4 After 22 hours, hand sanding

5 One more Epoxy coating, putty fill and hand sanding

6 Primer

7 After 24 hours, hand sanding

8 Putty fill

9 After 24 hours, hand sanding

10 Spray paint

11 After 24 hours, hand sanding

12 Spray paint

13 Done!

So, we spent 2-3 weeks to make the enclosure looks better.

It’s not 100% perfect, but better than the original 3D print.

Hand sanding and Epoxy coating are special service this time.

I hope you guys happy with that.

1 meter drop test

Before the switches will fall out, now is ok.


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