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Problems & Fix

Latest Update: 2022-05-07

Connect Bluetooth

Connect USB

DFU mode

Connect Bluetooth

Can't connect with Bluetooth

  1. Tap "DEL_ID0" for bluetooth devices 1.

  2. Tap "BLE_SEL".

  3. Remove Designer Keyboard from your Mac/PC/iPhone.

  4. Restart the bluetooth on your Mac/PC/iPhone.

  5. Option - Restart the System Preferences on your Mac/iPhone, or restart the PC.

  6. Connent again.

  7. If it still doesn't working,  tap "DELBNDS" for delete all Bluetooth devices, and try to connect again.

Keyboard connected with bluetooth device, but it can't typing

  1.  Tap "BLE_SEL" and try again.

  2. Or try to reconect the bluetooth, see "Can't connect with Bluetooth"

Can't connect the first bluetooth device for ADV_ID2

  1.  Try to add the device one by one from ADV_ID0, ADV_ID1, ADV_ID2 and so on.

Right Keyboard is not working

  1. Check the battery and turn on RIGHT keyboard first.

  2. Place left and right keyboard together.

  3. Restart LEFT keyboard.

  4. Right keyboard will connect to left keyboard automatically.

  5. If still not works, flash the right keyboard, and try again from step 1.




Connect USB

Can't connect with USB cable

  1.  Tap "USB_SEL".

  2.  Try to use other USB cable.

  3.  If it still doesn't working, please contact us.

Only works with USB cable

  1. Change other AAA battery.

  2. If it still doesn't working, please contact us.

DFU Mode

After flash on DFU mode, it shows error (code -43)

  1. Turn on the DFU mode and try to flash again.

  2. Sometimes, it may shows error 3 times continuously.

  3. Or check the coding and bulid a new UF2 file from qmk frimware, and flash again.

How to trun off DFU mode?

  1. It will turn off 2-3 mins automatically.

  2. Restart the keyboard.

Can't typing and can't turn on DFU mode

  1. Try to press DFU button 2 times.

  2. If it still doesn't working, please contact us.

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