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Designer Keyboard



Create a New Keymap 

Edit Keymap

Customize The Layout To Your Liking 

Build Your Firmware

Create New Keymap

  1. Copy folder form Keymaps

  2. Rename you folder, such as 48keys_1 or 68keys_david_1


Edit Keymap

Basic - with Graphical user interface

  1. Go to QMK Configurator

  2. Select keyboard: Iris

  3. Edit keymap

  4. Download keymap.json

  5. Go to QMK json converter

  6. Upload Json file

  7. Copy and edit the code on Visual Studio Code

Advanced - use the code 

Go to next section, edit the code on Visual Studio Code





Customize the Layout

  1. Create 2-8 layers

  2. If you are beginner, we suggest 2-4 layers and please don’t change any key on Adjust layer


  Build Your Firmware

  1. Open terminal on Visual Studio Code

  2. Go to qmk: cd ~/dev/qmk_firmware

  3. Add SDK: export NRFSDK15_ROOT=~/Dev/nRF5_SDK_15.0.0_a53641a

  4. Export hex file - Left: make designer_keyboard_ble/master:48keys

  5. Make uf2 file: python ~/Dev/qmk_firmware/.build/designer_keyboard_ble_master_48keys.hex -c -f 0xADA52840

  6. Export hex file - Right: make designer_keyboard_ble/slave:48keys

  7. Make uf2 file: python ~/Dev/qmk_firmware_J2/.build/designer_keyboard_ble_slave_48keys.hex -c

  8. Congratulations! Done!


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