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Update 2021-02-16

New - Details

  1. DFU bottom, If you forgot set the DFU key on the keymap, just tap 2 times in 1 sec for DFU mode.

  2. Serial Code, Important! for exchange, return and warranty.

New - Download

  1. 48 Keys QMK Firmware

  2. 48 Keys Keymap preview

  3. 48 Keys UF2 files

  4. Bluetooth Receiver Driver for Win 7


Don't download and use the suspicious firmware and UF2 file from other website.

Because it may include the back door code and not safety!

  1. Connect with USB mode

  2. Connect with BLE mode

  3. Connect with other Bluetooth devices

  4. Switch to different devices

  5. Problems and Fix


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