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Update 2021-02-16

New - Details

  1. DFU bottom, If you forgot set the DFU key on the keymap, just tap 2 times in 1 sec for DFU mode.

  2. Serial Code, Important! for exchange, return and warranty.

New - Download

  1. 48 Keys QMK Firmware

  2. 48 Keys Keymap preview

  3. 48 Keys UF2 files

  4. Bluetooth Receiver Driver for Win 7


Don't download and use the suspicious firmware and UF2 file from other website.

Because it may include the back door code and not safety!

New - Quick Start

  1. Connect with USB mode

  2. Connect with BLE mode

  3. Connect with other Bluetooth devices

  4. Switch to different devices

  5. Problems and Fix

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