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Update 2020-12-22

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Batch 1

All the materials was arrived. Thanks to Royal Mail!

In the box - High Quality Accessories

Magnetic Cable (13th Gen, Max 5A for type C devices)

Magnetic tips (Type C for Left Keyboard)

Type C Adapter (Aluminum enclosure)

Bluetooth Receiver (for Win 7&10)

Keycap and Switch Puller

AAA Battery x2 (Made in Japan)

If you ordered 2 Pro Stand, include above items and:

one more Magnetic Cable (Free)

Magnetic tips x2 (Micro and lightning, Free)

Screw x4 for pro stand

Hex key

We are happy with new orders, and ordered more materials for that.

If you ordered after Early Black Friday(16 Nov), expected delivery: Feb - Mar 2021.

Once again, Thanks so much, You guys make the best Keyboard is coming true!

Take care and stay safe! Merry Xmas!


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