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Update 2020-09-07


New - Macros - Macros allow you to send multiple keystrokes when pressing just one key.

eg: Tap one key to send R, E, C, Enter for Autocad or Rhino.

eg: or send Cmd+S, Cmd+Q for save and quit.

eg: or send 1, 0, 0, Enter for Excel… etc.

Macro Commands

A macro can include the following commands:

  • I() change interval of stroke in milliseconds.

  • D() press key.

  • U() release key.

  • T() type key(press and release).

  • W() wait (milliseconds).

  • END end mark.

New - Demo Page

New - Keyboard Setting Keys

BLE_SEL - Enable BLE and disable USB

USB_SEL - Enable USB and disable BLE


Updated - Hot Swappable PCB is confirmed.

Updated - Move on/off switch near the centre.


Update - 48 Keys Sliver Switch £20 → £15

Update - 68 Keys £389 → £379


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