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Update 2022-02-28

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Sorry for the bad news, because of covid, the 3d printed cases are still shipping to Hong Kong delaying over 10 days. We are waiting for the cases to build the keyboards. If It arrives as soon, Designer Keyboard 48, 68, Air 54, Air 66 and power remote will be delivered around 28-31 March. We understand users who can't wait to try the incredible keyboard, we are sorry for that and thanks for your patience.

SLS 3D printed case

Selective Laser Sintering(SLS) is a high-end 3D printing craft. Finally, the cost is 10x compared with our FDM 3D printing. Only we VHD provide that to users.

Special Soldering Skill

Because the ICs are mounting on PCB without same surface, which is not easy to solder.

After 3 years study, we created a special soldering skill to make it perfectly.

Logic Board with LED state

We updated the led state for logic board and case which is a simple and useful function, such as blink 2 times after turn on or restart.

In the Box

Power Remote

We updated the metal knob for the Power Remote, trying also to upgrade the 7-in-1 encoders.

The Default Keymap of Designer Keyboard Air

The logic board and QMK functions

Officially, the logic board should support full of qmk functions. The following table shows what functions we tested.

New Order

Thanks so much for your order. We will delivery the goods after 1 month of your order date.

In the future

We try to provide some stocks in our shop after March.

Thanks again for your supporting!


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