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Latest Update: 2022-05-07

Build or download Uf2 file 

Flash it

Build or download UF2 file

Build your own UF2 with firmware.

Or download the UF2 file.


Don't download and use the suspicious firmware and UF2 file from other website.

Because it may include the back door code and not safety!




Flash it

  1. Left keyboard connect to Mac/PC with USB cable

  2. Turn on DFU mode, tap "ENT_DFU" on Aujust layer (Recommended) or press 2 times for DFU button

  3. You will see NRF52BOOT

  4. Drop the UF2 file to NRF52BOOT  or copy and paste the UF2 file to NRF52BOOT

  5. Done!

*Important - Before you press the DFU button.

  1. Make sure the USB cable or USB hub provide 5V.

  2. Don't connect 2 hubs bewteen Mac/PC and the Keyboard like that: Mac-Hub1-Hub2-Keyboard

  3. We recommended typing the "ENT_DFU" on Aujust layer for Flash the keyboard. 

How to trun off DFU mode?

  1. It will turn off  2-3 mins automatically.

  2. Or restart your keyboard.

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