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Update 2021-12-31

Update: BLE control boards have arrived, however, we found out 2 little mistakes, trying to ask the factory to follow up and fix them as soon as possible.

Update: The cost of bluetooth chips increased 75% compared with last year. If the cost decrease next year, we will try to provide a good price.

New: Finally, we chose the Ni-Mh battery (AAAx3) for Designer Keyboard 48, 68 and Air. It is very safe compared with Li-Po and Li-ion, It also provides 6 months battery life and 800 times for reuse.

New: In the box, we add USB-C adapter for free.

Update: Then we will make more PCB and cases.

Update: The cost of the case made by the factory increased 200%.

Update: Most factories will close around 20-30 Jan 2022, we try to order all materials. If you order the keyboard after 10 Jan, you should receive it around Apr-May.

Thanks for your pre-order. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year! Take care!


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