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Update 2021-01-08

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Design Process

In this project, logic board and enclosure are key of success.

First, we tested some logic boards for split bluetooth keyboard.

And then we did many studies for 3d printing and Post-processing for 1 year.

If compare with Injection moulding model, 3d printing model is hard to make 100% perfect.

We try to make the best quality what we can, try to make users happy.

3D Drawing

1 Hand draw support for 3d printing model

2 1000 revisions for 3d printing model

3D Printer

1 FDM, More than 100 revisions for improve quality

2 SLS from factory



1 Pla (UK made, EU made, China made)

2 Pla + (China made)

3 ABS (China made)

4 Pla CF (China made)


1 Dremel polisher

2 Tumbler polisher with silicon carbide

3 Drill polisher with wool wheel and Polisher Kit

4 Hand sand with sandpaper

5 Sander


1 Volatilize only

2 Volatilize with fan

3 Atomization machine

4 Hand sweep

5 Bathe model

Spray Paint and Primer

1 Primer (UK made)

2 Gloss spray paint (UK made)

3 Matt spray paint (UK made)

4 Matt protect spray (UK made)

5 Tamiya putty (Japan made)

We found out the matt paint makes the 3D printing model looks better.

Therefore, at least we will do Primer, Spray Paint and putty for Post-processing.

Expected Delivery

If you order after 25 Jan, expected delivery: May - Jun 2021, because factories close down from Feb to Mar for holiday.


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