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Update 2022-02-04

Expected delivery date:

Designer Keyboard 48 & 68:

25-28 Feb 2022

Designer Keyboard Air 54 & 66:

25-31 Mar 2022

Updated: We ordered 95% of the materials, trying to build it as soon as possible.

Updated: Logic Board, We will upgrade the charger speed from 13 hours to 3 hours.

New: We will try and make some Mikoto(nrf5200) for the logic board.

New: Designer Keyboard Air - PCB. We tested 4-5 prototypes for PCB, and we will update the PCB one more time.

New: Yes, we will provide the new model! Designer Keyboard Air 66 (keys) with discount!

If you ordered already, feel free to contact us to change the model what you want.

New: That is my daily setup for 2D and 3D drawing which works very well and smooth!

Updated: Firmware version.

We will update the new firmware version 1.3A for Designer Keyboard 2021 which is chargeable.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for pre-order.

Happy Lunar New Year!


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