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Size and Weight 

(per each)

48 Keys

56 and remote.321.png
DK tech specs.png

140.7 W x 129.1 D x 69 H (mm)

5.53 W x 5.08 D x 2.72 H (in)

~ 250 (g) / ~0.55 (lb)

68 Keys

56 and remote.315.png
DK tech specs2.png

167.5 W x 146.8 D x 79.3 H (mm)

6.6 W x 5.78 D x 3.12 H (in)

~ 300 (g) / ~ 0.66 (lb)


3D Printed SLS Pastic Enclosure made by manufacture with Post-processing

High Quality Surface


DSA PBT Blank x 48 / 68

or DSA PBT Printed x108 (Optional)


Cherry MX Switches (Red, Sliver) 

Hot Swappable PCB


nRF52840, 8dbm 120m, On-Board Memory


Bluetooth / USB C


Version: 5.0

Connected Devices: 5 BLE Devices


Bluetooth mode: Officially 1.3 ms 

USB mode: ~1 ms

N Key Rollover: 

Bluetooth mode: 6 

Firmware and Software

Firmware: QMK 

Building Firmware: Visual Studio Code - Difficult: 3/5 

*Build Firmware has a specific degree of difficulty.

You must learn how to use it and use the code.

Flash Firmware: Easy Drop to Flash


Battery: Ni-Mh (AAA Battery)

Battery Life: Up to 6 months


MacOS, iPadOS, iOS, Windows 7+, Android, Linux

In the Box

Designer Keyboard (Left & Right) 

Magnetic Cable x1

USB Adapter x1

Keycap and Switch Puller x1

Free Return

60 Days


3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Latest Update: 2022-02-16

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