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I want to create incredible beautiful like Eiffel Tower that is my dream.

Vexc Howe is an exceptionally versatile designer who has made significant contributions across various fields. With extensive travel experience and three years of living and working in the UK and France, Vexc's works have reached global audiences in Hong Kong, the UK, France, USA, Japan, China, and India.


After graduating from PolyU in Visual Communication in 2010, Vexc embarked on a self-taught journey, immersing himself in design projects spanning graphic, interior, architectural, and product design since 2012. In 2016, he represented the Swiss management design firm, Atelier B, by designing and producing exhibits for the prestigious IDFFHK (International Design Furniture Fair Hong Kong). At the young age of 28 in 2017, Vexc embarked on a remarkable journey, travelling to over 100 cities worldwide.


In 2018, Vexc founded VEXC HOW DESIGN (VHD) and launched the innovative VHD designer keyboard, aimed at advancing the global design industry. Infused with architectural theory and influenced by his travel experiences, the keyboard boasts elegant organic curves, powerful new functions, and lightweight portability, elevating designers to new heights of productivity and comfort.


Currently, Vexc has expanded its focus to create luxurious designs, with ongoing projects. Vexc firmly believes that good design should be luxurious, elegant, and timeless, accessible to everyone.

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