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General FAQS



What is the difference between 2019 and 2020 version?

New Designer Keyboard is all-new design with hardware and software. More beautiful and powerful than before.

Please check the tech specs.

Designer Keyboard looks like dactyl manuform keyboard, what is the difference?

One of the feature, Designer keyboard is thin edge slim design, which matches with Pro Stand for no traveling between 2 devices. 

Please check the comparison.

What is the difference between Designer Keyboard and other split board?

Designer Keyboard is more powerful and cheaper than it. 

Please check the comparison.

What is the difference between Designer Keyboard and 3dconnexion enterprise?

When you use 3dconnexion enterprise, you still need to travel between 2 devices. 

And spending 2-3 weeks to learn their work style. 

Please check the comparison.

Why don’t you design an adjustable leg for changing the angle of the keyboard?

Little complex in my case which is that users use Designer Keyboard with trackpad and 3d mouse. 

How to adjust all the devices with beautiful form and good structure? 

Let me think about it.

Will you design other model, more or less keys version?

We don’t have such plan yet.



Which parts are to be confirmed?

Now we confimed for Hot swappable PCB and blank keycap. 

Are you going to sell a DIY kit?

No, we will try to make some good products like Apple and Dyson.

I worry the quality of the 3D printed case is not good, will you find a factory?

Because we offer 4 boards and 4 versions pro stand this time. 

3D printed case is suitable for small batch production. 

If many people buy it, we will upgrade the case.

I am worried that I am not used to split keyboard. How long does it take to learn?

No worry. 

Most people may spend 1-2 weeks and they cannot change back to normal keyboard.

Do you do custom switches, such as xxx xxx xxx?

I know everyone has their own favourite switches. 

We only offer 2 switches, red and silver, which are good for using for long time.



Is it difficult to build firmware?

No worry. 

If you are a beginner, please try to install qmk first. (1 hours) 

And then check wiki to learn how to edit keymap. (30 mins) 

We will update more image and video for user guide.

Why can’t I use QMK Configurator to export firmware?

Because it does not support for nrf52 chip. 

Therefore, we need to build firmware and use the resource.

Will you make a Web Configurator or other GUI software?

Yes, we may do it in the future.

If I don’t build firmware, how can I change the keymap?

You can download the keymap from our website.

How to switch to DFU mode?

  1. Tap DFU key on the adjust layer.

  2. or Press 2 times on the reset buttom, near the AAA battery.

Can I use single keyboard, left only or right only?

Yes, you can use left only or both. Because left keyboard is the master.

And if you can edit the code, also works for right only.

Why can’t I connect to bluetooth?

Please press reset key on the adjust layer.

And try to connect again.

Why my keyboard battery life is only 2 - 3 month long?

Some AAA batteries are 500 mAh, and some are 1000 mAh. 

Please change to other battery brand.

Shopping Help

When will you deliver batch 1?

We plan to deliver in Jan 2021 for batch 1.

If I miss one of keyboard or other parts, can I buy it?

Yes, you can buy one keyboard or other parts if you buy Designer Keyboard.

Can I buy 10 or more?

Yes, please contact us.

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