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Designer Keyboard


Create a New Keymap 

Edit Keymap

Customize The Layout To Your Liking 

Build Your FirmwareUrban Planning

Create New Keymap

  1. Duplicate folder form Keymaps

  2. Rename you folder, such as 48keys_1 or 68keys_david_1

  3. Open [your keymap]/keymap.c on VS code


Edit Keymap

For beginner with GUI

  1. Go to Keyboard Firmware Builder(KFB) and upload VHD json file - 48 Keys >          68 Keys >

  2. Click “Keymap” tab, and remap keys

  3. Click other layers to remap keys

  4. Click “Setting” tab, click “Save Configuration” for your latest json file

  5. Go to KFB Parser and upload your latest json file, and tap “Keymap.c"

  6. Copy and paste to VS code keymap.c

  7. Done.

For Advanced/QMK users on VScode

  1. Edit keymap.c on VScode





Customize the Layout

  1. Create 2-8 layers

  2. If you are beginner,  don’t change any key on Adjust layerUrban Planning


  Build Your Firmware

  1. Open terminal on Visual Studio Code

  2. Go to qmk: cd ~/dev/qmk_firmware_VHD

  3. Add SDK: export NRFSDK15_ROOT=~/Dev/nRF5_SDK_15.0.0_a53641a

  4. Export Left keyboard hex file: make designer_keyboard_ble_48/master:Default

  5. or make designer_keyboard_ble_68/master:[your keymap]

  6. Make UF2 file: python ~/Dev/qmk_firmware_VHD/.build/designer_keyboard_ble_48_master_Default.hex -c -f 0xADA52840

  7. Congratulations! Done! You can find the flash.uf2 on Dev/qmk_firmware_VHD/.

  8. You can flash now.

  9. Save or rename the flash.uf2. (optioanl)

Optional for Right Keyboard

  1. Export hex file: make designer_keyboard_ble_48/slave

  2. Make uf2 file: python ~/Dev/qmk_firmware_VHD/.build/designer_keyboard_ble_48_slave_Default.hex -c -f 0xADA52840

  3. Done!


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